Reports of Unauthorized Transactions on ArcheAge

As many of you may have heard by now there was a rumor floating around about Trion’s user accounts being hacked to steal customer’s credit card information. Good new came our way through an announcement made by the Community Manager Scapes on ArcheAge’s forums:

To our Alpha and Beta testers, Let us start by saying this very clearly: Trion Worlds’ security has not been compromised in any way. There has been absolutely no breach in Trion’s servers. What happened in the last few hours is sadly nothing new: every day, bots obtain user credentials from various unprotected sites around the Internet, build lists of login and passwords, and try them on Trion’s servers (along with many other sites). If players consistently use simple or repeated passwords across different online services, these bots may get access to their accounts. Because of the current momentum around ArcheAge, hundreds of millions of such attempts were made from well over a million different IP addresses in the last few weeks, only a fraction of which ended up being successful today. The team has already started providing refunds and all players affected by fraudulent charges will be automatically refunded within the next few hours today.

>Whew< Good to know! Nothing more seems to be coming from Trion or ArcheAge not this matter and both of their twitter and Facebook accounts remain quite on the issue. If you do find your rent money gone due to a founders pack being bought with out your knowledge You can contact Trion here @   Anyone who is worried about their accounts should change their passwords (especially if you use the same User Name and Password set up across multiple games and forums). For added security Glyph, Trion’s version of Steam, also offer a Mobile Authenticator @ Mobile Authentication.


For now though you can rest easy knowing your information wasn’t really stolen and Archage’s database hasn’t been compromised.  Just a bunch of bots randomly throwing User Name and password registrations that they had grabbed from some unknown location hoping that one will stick. On a side not though this is why most gamer’s simply use a third party like Paypal to buy their gaming needs. No stored credit card information floating through the inter web!


Don’t get caught like Corrorus!


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