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ArcheAge Races

It was my privilege to ‘attend’ ArcheAge’s  closed Beta event this past weekend. I paid for the Gold membership so I could play this weekend, however, I did win a beta key also that I gave to one of the other Emerald Empire members to play with. ArcheAge  is a Free to play MMO that uses a tab based combat and play styles, however, ArcheAge  is more of a hybrid game in my opinion. There are options in the menu that you can make your combat style more like other action based games. Which is a SUPER high plus for me since that’s the style I’m use to. On that note, I switched back to the tab based style since I kept hitting other NPCs AFTER I killed my original target. Maybe since the game’s first use is for a tab base the hybrid version of game play still has some kinks to work out, but it could be just a user issue since a few other members had no such issues with the action based combat.